To nirvana developers

You are the consciousness, the knowledge, the source of power,
You are the touch of a child; you are the fragrance of a flower.
You are the hymn, the nectar, the ultimate form of creation, You are the sight, the might; you are the light of salvation.
- THOU ART THAT / THAT IS YOU / तत्त्वम ्असि

About us

We are the creators that believe in the ultimate truth of the universe – Nirvana. We don’t believe in creating just real estate projects. Instead, we believe in creating lifespaces that will stimulate your imagination and bring positive and higher energies into your life.

As a group, we derive inspiration from nature and people. We believe in creating homes that give positive vibes, where people from all walks of life can surround themselves to the beauty of natural and peaceful surroundings, and get refreshed and recharged.

We strongly believe in the laws of karma i.e. as you sow, so shall you reap and the power of You i.e. you are the universe and the universe is in you.

We are a group that give high regards to morals and ethics. We believe in staying true to our inner conscience by being true to our work, our customers, our associates, our investors, partners and our employees, and creating harmonious benefits for all. Embark on a journey to self realization.


Our mission is to create the best possible lifespaces for people to revel in. We strive to maintain a harmonious relationship, which is based on mutual trust and respect, with all our customers, investors, partners, vendors and associates.


Our vision is to spread peace, harmony and happiness through our creations. We want to be known as more than just a real estate group but a partner in progress who make landmark creations that are in tune with nature and promote greener world.

Our Work

Be one with nature.
Try listening to the rustling leaves and the blowing winds or make an attempt to catch the golden sun rays. To experience the wonders of nature you need to be one with nature. At Nirvana, lifestyle is finely entwined with the natural surroundings to give you an out of the world experience. Here, you cherish every element of nature in its truest form. Come, live with nature and feel the Nirvana way of life.

Nirvana is freedom.
To attain peace is Nirvana. To rise above worldly pains and emotions is Nirvana. To live a life with complete freedom of mind, body and soul is Nirvana. Achieving happiness and living in sync with nature is Nirvana. Come and surrender to Nirvana and achieve an eternal peace of mind.




Like minded people are always welcome to join our team. Email your resume and we will get back to you.


Nirvana For the Good Cause.

Nirvana has always believed in sharing and caring for the betterment of the mankind. Its association with Karishma Care Foundation, which is one of the renowned NGO dedicated to health, education, women empowerment, tree plantation, food and water tank donation, agriculture-seed and fertiliser donation, has supported many social and welfare programmes. The founder and Director of Nirvana Group, Mr. Harish Shastri is in the core committee of Karishma Care Foundation, his dedication and passion for social welfare programmes is changing the lives of those in need for help. Nirvana Group is carving a new path for helping the fellow humans live a good life.



A 103, 45 Paramount, Opposite Regency Cosmos, Baner, Pune- 411045